Cutting WMV and Converting FLV on Mac

Hi all,

Are there tools similar to the PC-only AviSynth/VirtualDub combination that enables simple cuts in different video files (wmv, avi, mpg) without having to re-encode the entire video file? I have a bunch of clips I just want to cut and (given they have the same resolution) join but I am not keen on having them re-encoded, losing quality in the process. I am also looking for a (if possible) lossless conversion tool that converts flv to mp4 without re-encoding (i.e. just stripping it from the flv-container).

Many thanks in advance!
Hi assyrix

I use QuickTime X for minimum cuts editing on my Mac
First install PERIAN:
With this plugin Quicktime reads any format!

Then you go to the "TRIM" option menu and you'll see below the clip the editor.

I hope that helps! :D

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