Flashing a PCI Card for my Mac...Question Time Now

Google around, cant find much but for people saying that it worked.

I have a POWERCOLOR RV6P-B3 Radeon 7000. Its a 64MB PCI Video Card. I want to flash it for my mac. Anyone here have had flash a video card for a mac that can help me out?

Edit - Questions
Almost all of my machines dont have a floppy drive to make a dos floppy to flash my video card. Only machine that has a floppy is a P3 compaq that I use to test hardware. Can I use a CD instead of a floppy?
I have done this with a Caldera DOS (DRDOS/FREEDOS) cd before, should work. Just have a FAT32 partition handle to store the roms on (NTFS might work too).

As long as the ROM on the card is big enough for the bios, it shouldn't be a problem.

Good luck! :)

I have the exact same card and I successfully flashed it by tossing it into a PCI slot in an old Compaq laptop dock.
It was weird though. I put it in my B&W G3 and it was really weird under 9.2.2 (sometimes it worked, other times it didn't) and useless under 10.2 (black and white with horizontal bars but it was showing a picture).

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