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Firmware for BATM/Telco Systems Titan 5 G (T5G) Switch?

I know this is most possibly a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
I scavenged a BATM/Telco Systems BTI-0530G-GC-B Switch (aka BATM T5G or Titan 5G). It's a nice older 10+2 Port Gigabit Switch. Telco Systems neither does provide a manual nor firmware images for this model - obviously because it's too old. I did an intensive search in the interwebs, but to no avail. I am able to access and configure the switch so a manual would be nice just for the sake of having a documentation, but the firmware on this model is so old that it for instance is not capable of LACP although the switch is technically able to do it. So, if anyone here on Nekochan has access (or a link) to a manual and/or firmware ( I think we won't run into copyright issues here) and is willing to share this with me, please let me know.


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