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Looking for x86 drivers for Tadpole Talin laptop

I am finally getting all 5 of my Tadpole Talin laptops set up with operating systems and then a trip to eBay. And oh what a trip this is...... :?

Does anyone have the Tadpole Talin x86 drivers? Almost everyone of the files I downloaded directly from the ftp site are corrupt.

I have already set up a dual boot XP Pro/Open Solaris on one laptop and XP Pro/Sun Solaris on another (with Sun Office 3.0 and SDK). Both are running fine but I wanted to get all the specific drivers installed. Worst case scenario .... I could set up just one OS each laptop (which I will probably do for the other ones) : Ubuntu, Open Solaris and Sun Solaris....................OR................no OS and just format the hard drive so it will be ready for the new owner to install their own.

The two Tadpole Comets I have don't need an OS. I figured the Tadpole Talins would sell better if they had an OS on them. Yet another thought is maybe the buyer would want to install their own OS on them. Or, I could just sell them w/o an OS installed.

I have upgraded all with the max Ram of 2Gb. One is a P4 3.0 or 3.06 CPU and the other four are P4 2.4 CPU's and larger capacity hard drives than originally came with them.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers, Richard

After this I'll tackle my Sparcbooks and get them ready............If I don't collapse from this episode :lol:

Since the Talin was just a (quite good) x86 laptop, with its main differentiator being coming pre-installed with the (highly outdated) Java Desktop, I don't know how much extra money you'll get for pre-installing an OS with all the drivers. Obviously, including a Windows license is always a selling point, and if you're going to do that you might as well install it, but I doubt having all the "correct" drivers is a big deal - it wouldn't be for me, at least.

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but I doubt having all the "correct" drivers is a big deal - it wouldn't be for me, at least.

Point well taken