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New build of TQ (old GL game for 4D IRISes)


i always had an old installation of IRIX 5.3 around just to be able to play one of my favourite games: TQ (which was only available as a COFF binary). Some day i asked Bill Romanowski (the author of the software) for the sources and gladly he gave them to me.

The source is written in C and uses GL for its (wireframe and solids) graphics. You only need a small machine to be able to run it (i have an Indy for that purpose).

Due to some bug in GL the game spills out a core when you leave it - i try to fix that. Another thing is the speed of the gameplay. While it fits fine on the Indy here it might be way too fast on an ONYX2. I will try to fix that too ;-) .

Here is a screenshot of the game:

And here is the link to the binary:

For those that don't know TQ: the aim of the game is to reach higher levels. You can do so by jumping into a vertex (those round shaped pulsing things) from above. So all you have to do is to jump from one rectangular platform to another to gain height and then jump into the vertexes.

My current HighScore is: Knight of the Phoenix 4th Plane

Have fun!
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Very, very nice! I've posted this in the news; thanks much!!
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One more bug to fix: after exiting, one cannot move the mouse past x=1280, and I suspect y=1024. Logging off and back on fixes that, but it feels kind of weird not to be able to reach my ov on the far right of my desktop.
Someone have a link to the file ?, the screenshot look pretty cool
Cool stuff!
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I put the stuff back online. Not shure how long it will last there this time (last time it had been there for a couple of months/years).
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This being an "old game for old 4D hardware", could you eventually share the source so I can build it for IRIX 4 or something like that? My 4D/4xx don't run IRIX 6.5 :lol:
Now this is a deep dark secret, so everybody keep it quiet :)
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There was some talk a while back about someone providing nekoware DVDs/CDs. Is anyone still interested in this?

There would be a nominal fee ($5 a copy + shipping or something like that) to cover my expenses for duplicating them. But I'd be willing to do it if anyone wants it.

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Yep- dialup+ 4GB is no fun here :(

Before you run the disks, could you check to make sure there aren't any incipient "great advances" that another week would add?
Sure, I'll check on that.

Would you perfer DVDs or CDs? Either way $10 for a full set (incl. shipping) should be fine.

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UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity. -- Dennis Ritchie
Hi Marcus,

I don't have access to an SGI machine any more, but I used to love playing Tranquility.

Do you know if anyone's planning a Linux port of it? If not, would you mind posting the source code so I can try working on it?