IRIX and Software required?

One of my programs is complaining that it can't find ''. What is this, and where can I get it?


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[Ryouko:~] neko 13% versions long | grep
f 42180  9069 inventor_eoe.sw.inventor   usr/lib/
f 49211 16311 inventor_dev.sw.lib     usr/lib/
f 44708  8706 inventor_eoe.sw.inventor   usr/lib32/
f 28598 12667 inventor_dev.sw.lib     usr/lib32/

[Ryouko:~] neko 14% versions | grep inventor_eoe
I  inventor_eoe         01/27/2004  Inventor Execution Only Environment, 2.1.7
I     01/27/2004  Inventor EOE Manual Pages
I  01/27/2004  Inventor User Man Pages
I  01/27/2004  Inventor User Notes
I  inventor_eoe.sw      01/27/2004  Inventor User Software
I  inventor_eoe.sw.2_0  01/27/2004  Inventor 2.0.1 Run-time
I  inventor_eoe.sw.inventor  01/27/2004  Inventor Required Files

[Ryouko:~] neko 15% versions | grep inventor_dev
I  inventor_dev         01/27/2004  Inventor 3D Development Toolkit, 2.1.7
I     01/27/2004  Inventor Dev Doc
I  01/27/2004  Inventor C++ Man Pages
I  01/27/2004  Inventor Release Notes
I  inventor_dev.sw      01/27/2004  Inventor Optimized Software
I  inventor_dev.sw.base 01/27/2004  Inventor Toolkit Header Files
I  inventor_dev.sw.lib  01/27/2004  Inventor Toolkit Library Files (non-stripped)

It's on one of the IRIX 6.5 CDs though I'm not sure which one off hand - all mine are stored in one in directory online and I'm at work away from the physical media.
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The inventor package is on the foundation2 CD.
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Bluefan wrote: The inventor package is on the foundation2 CD.

Thank you! :)
You need to install the 64-bit version of this and a couple other libraries, if you're installing what I think you're installing. And this is all well documented in the release notes :)
i can't find "inventor_dev.sw.base" in my Foundation2 CD

i see these

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may be my CD is too old ?
It's part of the Open Inventor 2.1.7 Developer's Kit, I think it's on the nekochan ftp site somewhere...

EDIT: Hmmmm, I take that back, I just looked in /pub/irix/Graphics/Inventor but didn't see it... :shock:
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ivelegacy wrote: i can't find "inventor_dev.sw.base" in my Foundation2 CD

It's on overlay disc 3-of-3, for IRIX 6.5.22 ... 6.5.30
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