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Prism pro pack

Recently got a prism in a crate of sgi goodies.

What would be the best way of getting a prism propack? I have a desk side with a blank drive. I have sles itanium disks but haven't had a valid support contract for years...

I got the older gentoo disks to boot and give me a console off of the graphics card but then I ran into sas issues with the kernel modules. At least with a propack I could have a usable system. This feels almost as bad as figuring out back in the day that the vw320 wouldn't run Linux!

Any info would be most helpful.

Please share any prism stories if you've got them.

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I was in the same case with my Prism Deskside, a blanck HDD. Without the help from a Nekochan member, I will certainly never get this wonderfull system working. I'm not a Linux power user, that's why the installation was pretty epic (12 CD's).... SGI made good PDF with every step of the install, without that.....

I PM you with more details.

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You can easily install something like a current Debian on the box, but then you won't have graphics.
If you want graphics, you should be clear about what version of the propack you are looking for. The last propack that really supported graphics on the prism was Propack 4. PP4 was to be used with a SLES 9 Linux. The original software was some RHEL and Propack 3. There are a number of service packs for the propacks. You will need to match the exact SP of the PP to the exact release of SLES.


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You're right Lunatic.

I have SLES 9 SP3 + Propack 4 for Linux SP3. If I remember correctly the latest available in my Yast Update list is Propack 4 SP4 for a graphic support.

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