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A little clip showing my OctaneII in action

Thats my highly personalized OctaneII - My favorite machine so far.
Wanted to say thanks nekochan ! Lots of great people here, amazing concentration of knowledge.
Nekoware is outstanding !
I'm only sorry that these are probably the last remaining real computers - great build quality etc as opposed to
all we have now - chinese gamers toys ;)
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cool! I've got to get some more SGI stuff on my new channel. Thanks for reminding me!

you can see my old one here, but I can't log in anymore because it is connected to my sister's gmail account now, and she won't give me the password :twisted: there's a bunch of SGI stuff there, but I have an HD camera now, and my onyx has a dual-screen framebuffer...

there is also the wiki list of sgi related videos on youtube

I am still looking for the video with USrobotics and steve jobs/pixar saying how awesome the octane is. I think it was removed from YT but if anybody has it lying around please, share it!
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jeremy123 wrote: Thats my highly personalized OctaneII
I don't have access to uTube at the moment, but guessing from the comments in your post you have one of the classic MIPS Octanes. Were you aware that the new Rackable/SGI re-released the Octane using a Roman numeral model designator ? (if you do have one of the Rackable Octanes just ignore this post)
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Yes I have seen it some time ago - to be honest it doesn't have that magic - just a metal box full of PCs :D I keep my MIPS-octane and some old sun workstations because they remind me my best days - my father used to work in TV_Station they had octanes and O2s I learned all the computer tricks from him.

Other than that I believe they(the new ones) are pretty powerful
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