Hardware Wanted

Wanted: Indy, Indigo2 purple... to complete my collection

Hi fellow Nekochans,

To complete the Silicon Graphics part of my little onlinemuseum i am searching for the following workstations:

Specs are not that important, but they should work and look nice! (no parts missing / broken)

1) Indy
2) Indigo 2 purple
3) My dream: a Personal Iris ;-)

Please feel free to contact me!

PS: I am located in Austria (Vienna)

:Indigo2: :O2: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Octane2: Image Image
I just listed my loaded Indy over here:


peecee's suck.
I just want to add to that that the chassis of a Personal IRIS is made from thick steel. It is really heavy. I shipped one once and I had to ship the keyboard and mouse separately because the system itself + packaging was really close (within 200g IIRC) of the upper limit of what you can ship with through the post office.

I got my 4D/35 from a CAD/CAM company on the other side of the hallway. That saves a lot on shipping. :mrgreen:

Now this is a deep dark secret, so everybody keep it quiet :)
It turns out that when reset, the WD33C93 defaults to a SCSI ID of 0, and it was simpler to leave it that way... -- Dave Olson, in comp.sys.sgi

Currently in commercial service: Image :Onyx2: (2x) :O3x02L:
In the museum : almost every MIPS/IRIX system.
Wanted : GM1 board for Professional Series GT graphics (030-0076-003, 030-0076-004)
Hi jan-jaap,

I would love to have such a CAD company across the hallway!
But i can not complain, i got my Espressigo from my last Boss :-)

Greetings TOM:-)

:Indigo2: :O2: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Octane2: Image Image