Hardware Wanted

WTB: O2 or Octane or Fuel

After selling off my 2 Octanes a few years back I'm itching to get back into them. Is there anyone in the VA/MD area looking to part ways with their Fuel, O2 or Octane?
:Indigo: 33mhz R3k/48mb/XS24 :Indy: 150mhz R4400/256mb/XL24 :Fuel: 600mhz R14kA/2gb/V10 Image 8x1.4ghz Itanium 2/8GB :O3x08R: 32x600mhz R14kA/24GB :Tezro: 4x700mhz R16k/8GB/V12/DCD/SAS/FC/DM5 (2x) :O3x0: 4x700mhz R16k/4GB :PrismDT: 2x1.6ghz 8mb/12gb/SAS/2xFGL
I have several Octanes available in the Richmond area, PM me for details/price.