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Light Bar for Octane

Anyone have an LED modded light bar they can sell me?
You can try to DIY it yourself. The advantage of modding it yourself is that you can choose the color you want and furthermore will not be expensive (few bucks for led's and 2 resistors). Offcourse, if you have at least some basic knowlegde of hobby soldering of electronic parts, then if this is not the case, you can still ask someone you know to do it for you ... i think i spent 30 minutes to do it (and think i spent ~$5 in total), and is really simple ...

Follow this guide: http://www.k-huhn.com/octane_mod/ , although this guy used only 1 led, you can have 2 led's (with both ex-bulbs places used) and this is what i done, the light will be brighter, but offcourse then you must use 2 resistors though ... Take care to not cross/miss the +/- polarity and you're fine ... & like the guy explained i used 82 ohm resistors and 5mm white super-bright led's, i think the white led's catch the Octane2 design, but that's a personal choice ... I angled a bit the led's because their height is a bit too much for the light module itself, with done so there is enough space to fit everything inside the original module without any extra work ...

here some photos of the mod i done myself, note the plastic glue i used to insulate/stronger the resistors holding, and led wires, you can use the common plastic gluing guns, that are kinda cheapo to find in any store ...

I second the recommendation to do it yourself - it's a relatively easy job if you know how to use a soldering iron, and it's much less expensive to spend $5 on parts than to buy a replacement LED lightbar.

Cybercow is correct in his approach - white LEDs most closely approximate the color of the original incandescent bulbs, and the outward angle of each LED helps distribute the light evenly across the bar.

This is actually a fun job if you've got the tools.
I have the same setup as cybercow in mine, there is a picture of it installed and working as well as interesting discussion in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16719605

I think I used one resistor maybe 40 or 50 ohms, two lamps in parallel.
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