Hardware Wanted

IP28 main board for Indigo2 IMPACT

Due to a recent recent sad episode ( http://forums.nekochan.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16723556&start=0 ) I need a new main board for my Indigo2 IMPACT. I'm looking for a working IP28 board, SGI part # 030-0978-002. I don't need RAM or a processor.

I would also consider another Indigo2 IMPACT with the correct board but would prefer just the main board to keep shipping low. Prefer U.S. or Canada for the same reason, although I will consider international if I need to.

I'm also looking for a "Fullhouse I/O backplane," the board with the PS/2, serial, printer, and AUI ports on it.

EDIT: I would also be interested in non-functional parts-donor Indigo2 main boards (IMPACT or not, any CPU version).

:Indigo2IMP: :1600SW: R10K Indigo2 MaxIMPACT, 4 TRAMS, 768MB RAM, 2x9GB HD, CD-ROM, Phobos G160
Black Cardinal