Hardware Wanted



This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone have an O350 they would like to get rid of?
I've wanted to try the VPro mod for a while now, seems like the best route to a really fast IRIX
desktop, without breaking the bank.

I have one with the VPro already in it I'd probably part with.

Four 700MHz processors, 4GB of RAM, V10 graphics, the front panels are in excellent condition. It has an up to date operating system, and is also has an SGI issued MIPSPro 7.4 license. I also have a spare L2 controller <with the touch screen LCD and cable> if you'd like the full O350 experience.

PM me for details.

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I've got a couple, but they're on the other side of the pond and shipping would probably be a killer.

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