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HP 9000/8x7 (F,G,H,I-class) memory/CPU/FPU

Hello all,

If by any luck you have stashed somewhere some memory for a HP F20 PA-RISC machine - i want it

Those memory modules are compatible for all the HP 9000 Series 800 Nova Servers Family:

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System            Model number
F10               HP 9000/807
F20, H20          HP 9000/817, HP 9000/827
F30, G30/H30, I30 HP 9000/837, HP 9000/847, HP 9000/857
G40/H40, I40      HP 9000/867, HP 9000/877
G50/H50, I50      HP 9000/887, HP 9000/897
G60/H60, I60      HP 9000/887, HP 9000/897
G70/H70, I70      HP 9000/887, HP 9000/897

Original HP Part-numbers for the 8x7 memory modules:

16 MB - A2231A
32 MB - A2232A
64 MB - A2511A
128 MB - A2516A

My poor server has now only 32 Mb or ram (2x16) and it took a whole day just to install a minimal HP-UX 11.0 (~8Mb of free RAM after booting the default kernel) so any extra megabyte is good.

I also would not mind a more powerful CPU board or a FPU if you have one lying around.

Please bear in mind that i am located in Romania, Eastern Europe so a local pick-up is kinda' hard for me to do :)

Thanks a lot!
I know the dual 7100 processor board for the x70 machines requires a slightly different backplane than the uniprocessor board, and I'm not sure whether the faster PA-7100 boards work in the "F" chassis, since HP didn't ship "F" machines with faster than 48MHz processors.
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Mine has a 48Mhz with 64/64KB L1 cache w/o FPU. A x30 board will work for sure and maybe a x40 (PA-7000 64Mhz).

I actually had an x50 CPU board a few years before i got this machine but i gave-it away :(