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Indigo R3000

I have an Indigo R3000 machine that I haven't touched in probably 8 years that I think should find a home that will love it more.

I can look into it more if there is serious interest, but off the top of my head, I believe it has 64MB RAM, and XS or better graphics. That is all I can actually remember about it, and I certainly haven't powered it on in forever.

I personally would expect that it would be best to be picked up in 17603, however, I'll never tell someone else that a machine isn't worth shipping if they feel like paying for it.

I can dig it out and try turning it on. I'm not sure if I have any keyboards and mice for it, so might not be able to go past looking to see if it has a hard drive and seeing if it powers on.

Anyway, ask questions or make an offer.
What are the skins like? Can you boot to the TOD clock error?
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I ended up spending some time sick and didn't get to digging out and looking at the machine promptly.

The skins are really good. Completely intact, minimal scuffing.

It turns out that it doesn't power on though.

It does have disk sleds, but no disk. I didn't have time yet to open it up to inventory the cards.