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FS: Origin 3900.

In addition to a 32 CPU 600Mhz Origin 3400 already listed here but not getting any interest (OK, I know the price was too much for you guys, but offers invited for it, or part of it), I also have a Origin 3900 system available to me. It's a 32 CPU, R16k 700Mhz machine. That includes 2 x Cx bricks and 1 x Ix Brick. In a full height rack with L2 and power bay. This is a very nice little system as it contains all the CPU's, RAM and router hardware within the Cx bricks - 16 x 700Mhz CPU's in each of them :) 4U height. :)

At the moment though, price is based on the Quad 700Mhz CPU boards in them being the same as Tezro and Origin 350, valued at £600.00 each. 8 x £600.00 = £4800.00. That would also include the Ix Brick and 32GB RAM and some other odds and sods.

Serious enquiries invited.

Not so serious enquiries also invited - anyone want to rent it? Could do some good number crunch work for you for any upcoming projects.....



In order of use at the moment..... :Onyx2R: :Fuel: :O2:

700mhz & 800Mhz Fuel :Fuel:
16 x 600Mhz Origin 3400, located in Texas. (I'm in the UK - hence the reason for sale! Bought in haste, make me an offer!!)
32 x 600Mhz Origin 3400 in the UK
32 x 700Mhz Origin 3900 in the UK