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Any interest - big iron?

Hi All,

32 CPU Origin 3400, 600Mhz CPU's, 32GB RAM (ALL 1GB DIMM's, so fairly valuable). 2 rack system with all the CPU's and Routers in one rack, and a 2nd rack with the I-brick installed in it and some air gaps ;) I can probably add a G-Brick if you want graphics as I have a spare. L2 controller etc included with front panel display.

All 600Mhz CPU's so more desirable than the 400's that seem to be readily available....

Can deliver in person in the UK and help you set it up if required.

DOA warranty only on this, it will cost more to replace any parts from another dealer than it's worth as a whole.

Offers based on whole value. At the moment, 32 1GB DIMMS are worth £800 in my opinion, I-brick £500.00 and the 4 x 600Mhz C-Bricks at least £200 each (8 of those). That makes offers in the region of £2900.00 or so and for that you get the routers, racks, power bays, L2, a G-brick if required.

If no interest at this price, I will consider breaking the machine up, but that would be a shame. I could take it down to a single rack configuration with fewer CPU's etc if you have limited space.

In order of use at the moment..... :Onyx2R: :Fuel: :O2:

700mhz & 800Mhz Fuel :Fuel:
16 x 600Mhz Origin 3400, located in Texas. (I'm in the UK - hence the reason for sale! Bought in haste, make me an offer!!)
32 x 600Mhz Origin 3400 in the UK
32 x 700Mhz Origin 3900 in the UK