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FS: SGI 1400 Quad Xeon in Australia

Hi all,

I have a Quad Xeon 1400 with 4 x 700mhz Xeon's with 2MB Cache each. It has a Gig Ram, 1 x 18G and 1 x 4G Drives (I only have 2 caddies) and a PCI Ethernet Card. This is not an original SGI, it is a IPEX server. I bought the SGI 1400 front plastics from a guy in Germany, but they both share the same Intel Reference Designed Case. It was rack mounted so it is missing the top, bottom and one side metal. Works great. I disables 2 of the 3 power supples to quiten it and it had a 4 Disk SATA Raid in it that ran great. No Cdrom, but you can install one cheaply.

I am after $70 for it. Same deal as the origins, Melbourne pick up only as it also weighs a ton.

PM me if you want it.
My gear:
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