Hardware For Sale/Trade

FS: SGI Origin 200 and Origin Vault in Australia

Hi all,

I have an Origin 200 and Vault to sell. Here are the details:

Origin 200
Single 180mhz Processor with 128meg Ram, an original CD-ROM and 3 Disks (1x 9GB, 1x2GB and 1x4GB).
It has skins but no feet. Unfortunately the front plastic is broken and it has no door.
It fired up fine last time I booted it 6 months ago.
I can add a bag of Ram, should get you 512MB easily with ram left over.
This came from Monash Uni Earth Science Dept. and hasn't had the disk erased, so you never know what you may find.

Origin Vault
It is a rack mount with a CD-ROM and has 6x9GB Disks. Front Plastic is in good condition but no door.
Comes with Spare Power Supply and 2 spare front Plastics.

I would like $250 for the lot as these rarely come up for sale in Oz. Melbourne buyer only as these weigh a ton!

PM me if you are interested.
My gear:
:O200: R10k 180mhz, 128mb, 36gb
:Indy: R5k 150SC, 128mb, 9g
:Indigo2: Teal, 256mb, 18GB, Extreme