Hardware For Sale/Trade

free (melbourne, AU) O2

base model O2
- no ram
- HDD small, no sled
- untested
- no FPA
- no video capture
<edit> - UNTESTED, may not work
<edit> - cd drive whirrs but doesnt open (can be manually slid open, seems to be missing a cog)

case is all there, but has some scratches on the front and left

free to pickup in melbourne

Hi Joseph, is the O2 still available? I am interested. Please see my PM.
My gear:
:O200: R10k 180mhz, 128mb, 36gb
:Indy: R5k 150SC, 128mb, 9g
:Indigo2: Teal, 256mb, 18GB, Extreme
o2 is taken already