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New IP25 question

OK here is a new question. Are there jumpers on the IP25 board for making the CPU's active? I fired up the board in my Onyx and first I get an 'error' message (for lack of a better term) that tells me that slot 2 used to have a IP19 and now has a IP25, click<enter> to continue. I click enter and get to the maintinence screen. Click command monitor and type in hinv and it shows me two cpu's: CPU 1 and CPU 2. On the IP19 board if one of the cpu's fails test and is deactivated the hinv still shows the cpu's in order fron 0 to 2.
This is why I was wondering if they could be turned off or could it be because I am in the PROM and not under IRIX. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Hey james -

I don't know (I should) if you can mix proc boards, but it sounds like you have a dead one - try enabling it, but it may be turned back off by teh system...
I left you a post sometime back about the importance of having the right IO4 part number in order to properly support IP25s properly.
Check your part number against the proper one one listed below.

Also you might want to check my post regarding " Onyx Hangs No more"
It explains how to reset the PROM Chip on the IO4, but be carefull about the changes it will make as explained. When you reset it, the old history that you see will be deleted, and my post will tell you how to update the hardware inventory on the PROM Chip.
Hope this helps.

030-0240-00x earliest IO4 I/O controller

030-0377-00x early IO4 I/O controller

030-0646-xxx common IO4 controller

030-0646-107 IO4 controller (supports IP21 R8000 and IP25 R10000)

030-0815-00x IO4 controller (supports KONA/InfiniteReality gfx, does NOT work with IP21s!)
...also, did you update your inventory in the prom monitor? Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not, but couldn't hurt to try.

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