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Onyx error message

I am getting the following message when I boot my Onyx:

Checking Hardware Inventory
*** Slice 1 on the IP19 in slot 2 isn't visible ****
Press <Enter> to continue

What is the problem? Is it a CPU or a cache module. Also which CPU is which, 1 2 3 4?

Thanks in advance,
OK, I looked at the board closer and found CPU 2. I reseated all the SIMMs and the chip, but I am still getting the same message. I guess my questions should be:

What is 'slice 1' ?


What is 'slot 2' ?

Thanks again,
'Slice 1 on the IP19 in slot 2' refers to the second slice (they're numbered 0 through 3) on the second card in the system (the first card being an MC3 of course).

Ian has a diganostic roadmap for the Challenge & Onyx line on his website ( here ), that might be of help to you.

You may be able to repair the board if it's something as simple as a bad cache module or CPU, but if one of the onboard ASICs is bad you'll have to find another bad IP19 that you could scavenge parts from.

It would be easier just to replace the IP19 card though - but if you're looking for a 4x250 card they'll be pretty pricey (which is why I've only got 8x150's in my Challenge L)
Sometimes these error messages go away if you reboot and/or the compter warms up (if you have had it setting for a while without use). However, it can just as easily return at a moments notice while you are running and it can cause a whole system crash (on my Challenge XL). It's safer for me to just disable the cpu that's acting up rather than trust it.

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