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Installation of SI (problems)

I've been running my octane for just over a year with an SSE card. I just purchased an SI card, installed it and now I'm getting BUS errors. It seems to pass POST, the fan kicks into high gear.. and then the machine seems to either:
- freeze, and both displays die
- Bus error, "fatal error /hw/node/xtalk/12" Panic kernel fault etc.

Do I need to reinstall IRIX if I install a different graphics board in the octane? Or should it have the drivers present by default? Maybe i'm missing something here. I have the SI in both available XIO slots, with the same result..

Hinv in command monitor (firmware) shows both graphics cards.

After a few more reboots, it made it all the way.. Obviously not a driver issue..
That's a good question, nonetheless, since yes, certain graphics cards need large chunks of the system reinstalled (eoe.sw.gfx, I believe), so I would also like to know, from one of our double and triple headers if they had any problems during their set-up. Thanks already.
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I read somewhere you cant run dual head with si + se both cards must be either se's or si's
The I and E series are the same technology(Impact), the E series just use GE12's instead of GE11's. I think the raster managers are the same. I ran an MXI + SE fine for quite sometime until I put in a V6(which does involve re-installing select bits of the gfx systems). I would say to try and put the SI card into the other available slot and see if that makes any difference. If not...I've still got an SE card sitting around :)
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The card finally managed to behave itself, and the system was running as expected, with one hitch..

The fan kicked into high gear, and sounded like a vaccum cleaner. 2 minutes into dual-heading.. the green channel on one of my monitors died!, so out came the card, and quiet again was the Octane.

So to answer the questions:

No, it did not require a reinstall of any part of the OS, In my case, I had to reboot 4 times, encountering various different errors (hardware related? I dont know..) but the system came up, and xinerama functioned well.

Apparently my SSE+SI combination was compatable with the system.