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SOG monitor and setmon profile on Octane SI

Background: I have a 250MHz Octane w/1GB RAM and SI+TRAM graphics. I have been successfully using a Sony SDM-S81R monitor via a 13w3->hd9 adapter obtained at deepspacecables.
Problem: I am donating this computer to work (academic research) and we purchased a Sony SDM-S93 for it. While the S93 (and S81R) specs list sync on green, I cannot get a video signal on the S93. Communication is attempted since the monitor does not go to sleep. Rather, a OSD every few seconds flashes to say that no signal is present. Eventaully a message appears saying "Out of scan range 7.8kHz/30Hz" ... obviously too low in both horizontal and vertical scans. So I tested out other setmon profiles:
    1280x1024_60 7.8/30
    1280x1024_60_2f 7.8/30
    1280x1024_60_32db 7.8/60
    1280x1024_60_2f_32db 7.8/60
    1280x1024_72 7.8/36
The double buffer profiles moved the vertical scan rate into something appropriate, but horizontal is still stuck at ~12x too low.
Solution: Well, this is hopefully where someone helps me out. On other threads I have seen mention of ripping out pins in the 13w3 adapter. Would this harm the use of the "known good" S81R (as I might have to swap monitors)? What about making a new /usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof profile? Those *.sdb files need to be compiled somehow, right?
You might try using setmon -sn, which might/should/could squirt out normal PC-style sync signals instead of SOG. Providing all the pins are wired.

If you're going to rip pins out, it shouldn't harm anything... all you actually need are the RGB pairs, for doing SOG. As far as I know.

I take it the S93 is known good? It sounds broken if other monitors work okay.
I thought the -sn flag would not work on Octane-Impact graphics, but I have not yet tried it out. Okay, I tried "setmon -x -sn 1280x1024_60_32db" but still no luck. Out of Sync 7kHz/60Hz as before.
The S93 monitor is least on a PC.
I did a lot of searching through man pages. It seems as though /var/X11/Xvc/moninfo and chantab might be the keys to solving this. However, the format of these files (although text) are a little perplexing. Moninfo holds monitor information, including syncs and page blanking. However, most of the examples are CRTs and the sync values are strange IMHO. Oh, well... I guess I will swap out this monitor for a known good one.