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Why was I banned and my posts removed?


Earlier today I registered the user "neneneko98" and wrote two replies to viewtopic.php?f=8&p=7396081 -- couple of hours later my account was banned and my posts were deleted with the reason "Trolling".

I'm guessing it's because I linked to ? If that's the case, I'd just like to clarify that that site, despite it's rather offensive name, illustrates (with humor) a very important point in the design and development of websites, which is minimalism. I'm guessing whomever banned me didn't actually visit the site beforehand?

I would very much appreciate if you guys could unban me and have my posts restored, and I promise to be more descriptive of my links in the time to come.

Thank you!

Former employee, Silicon Graphics AS Avd Bergen
I've removed the ban. Please accept my apologies for the error and for the inconvenience.
No problem, thank you very much!
Former employee, Silicon Graphics AS Avd Bergen
No way to restore the posts though apparently... :|
Temporarily lost at sea...
World domination! Or something...

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Well, if the OP's posts were worthwhile, he / she can just post them again.