IBM POWER Systems Overview

I have found this page while I was googling for TLB & Cache used in MIPS-* architectures :shock: :shock: :shock:
what the frog does it matter with POWER-4 & 5 ? Only Hell & Google now, but it's a funny page :D
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Handy, although this looks more of relevance to people trying to run a whole room full of them than us little hobbyist tinkerer types, and it seems very specific to POWER4/5.
smit happens.

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probably posted from Image bruce , Quad 2.5GHz PowerPC 970MP, 16GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.11
plus IBM POWER6 p520 * Apple Network Server 500 * HP C8000 * BeBox * Solbourne S3000 * Commodore 128 * many more...
the funny part of the story is that the webpage comes with a pretty list of tools-name for AIX :D :D :D
(oh, and a few machine-porno pictures :D :D :D )
hey oh? Swimming pool & Racing bicycle.
Mine warms my feet up very nicely thanks.. much better than the Power 4..
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good point, The Heater :D !
hey oh? Swimming pool & Racing bicycle.