Bringing AIXPDSLIB (and sexy) back for 3.2.5/4.1

I posted this on my Apple Network Server thread, but when I was rocking AIX 3.2.5 and 4.1, UCLA AIXPDSLIB was a godsend for pre-built open source packages for RS/6000s. Gradually all the mirrors disappeared, fortunately after my ANS was in its prime. I've dug out most of my old packages and put them on the Gopher server:

gopher:// ... slib-aix-4

I only have a limited selection of what was there, particularly limited for 3.2.5, and almost everything is appallingly old, but it works and it's better than nothing. There is some source code available also. If your browser doesn't speak Gopher, here is a Firefox addon (authored by yours truly): ... verbiteff/
smit happens.

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thanks for both, just installed the plugin on osx :-)