Warp 4 questions

I moved form 2.1 to Warp 4 and I have a few questions.
In the process I also went to a Thinkpad 380D. Lenovo still has the driver downloads page for the system up so getting drivers was not all that hard however I'm running into glitches I need help with.

-Unless I'm jacked into the network the system takes forever to boot.
-I inserted one of my SanDisk flash cards and now it has reserved D and E to cards which currently are not inserted. Can I at least rallocate the letters to E and F and leave the CD at D?
-Shutting down does not turn off the laptop. It just dumps at you the "SHUTDOWN COMPLETE. PRESS CTRL + ALT + DEL TO REBOOT" screen.
-Thinkpad Configuration Utility complains it can't find AODBSMD.sys even though I saw it get uncompressed when I prepared the utility for installation. It's currently in C:\OS2\UTILITY
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The last one sounds like either a path problem, or the thinkpad config utility is not for Warp 4.
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You got much further than I ever did trying to install Warp 4 on a Thinkpad 390X. Even with the IBM drivers it would hang during booting. After getting the updated Dani drivers it would still refuse to boot over some driver issues. I went as far as installing it (flawlessly I might add) on an old P4 box and then cloning the disk image to the laptop. Still never booted.

I think you can add some lines to the config.sys to allocate or reserve drive letters. Try moving AODBSMD.sys into C:\OS2\BOOT
I don't think Warp 4 includes a power-off on shutdown. It just does exactly what you observe.
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kjaer wrote: I don't think Warp 4 includes a power-off on shutdown. It just does exactly what you observe.

You can most likely transplant the notebook sleepytime driver from eCS. Most Os/2 components are interchangeable from Warp 3 through eCS. Probably from 2.1, even, but I didn't try that very much.
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