Getting Started with AIX

The company I'm going to work for soon (Cerner) is a major user of IBM POWER and AIX, and my job involves a heavy dose of POWER and AIX administration.

Though I'll go through extensive training to acclimate to that environment, I'd like to get a jump start on learning how to work with AIX.

Where should I start? Are there any good resources available to learn AIX concepts without spending thousands on a sandbox system?
If you're up to speed with system administration on other platforms, you might check out UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook, 4th Edition , by Nemeth et al. It runs through how to perform many common tasks, pointing out how various UNIX and Linux releases differ from each other. Nice format. The 4th Edition covers AIX 6.1, so it's not 100% current, but it should be close enough for an intro. (As an aside, the 2nd Edition is useful for IRIX admins. Unfortunately, the IRIX-specific content was dropped in later editions.)




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