Intellistation 9112-265 AIX boot hang on missing NFS

The DVD-ROM drive in my Linux 9114-275 is dead and my new 9112-265 boots AIX to a point where it brings up the CDE hour glass and spews a lot of stuff about a NFS server that does not exist and never gets to a dtlogin. I don't hold any hope that the 265 DVD-ROM would in any kind of shape either. The general build quality of the Intellistation machines is not that great compared to server RS/6000s.

I have been thinking about taking the drive out of the 265 and mounting it on my AIX based 7025 F80 and editing stuff to a point where it would work and then returning the drive to the 265. Or maybe making the F80 a boot server for a network install if that is possible with AIX.

Smit or other commands to do this..?
Files to edit...?
Other suggestions...?



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i would edit "/etc/filesystems" and remove the nfs mounts, or just set the mount switch to false...

example ->

dev = "/directory/on/nfsserver"
vfs = nfs
nodename = nfsservername
mount = true <----set this to false
options = bg,soft,intr,sec=sys
account = false


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