Resurrecting an old IBM PC

I've got the guts of an old IBM PC - mobo, isa riser card, fdd and psu. The mb fru is 87F4769, psu Zytec EP 071120 90W (IBM GBMno27F4920, IBM ENGno27F4919). After a lot of googleing turned out that the mb is from an PS/2 8525 model 25sx (it looks out like this but it has 2MB of memory) or PS/1 model 2123. PSU was identified as it comes from PS/1 Pro 386sx. Any idea? :?:

BTW the board powers up, but it throws 163 and 161 errors even after replacing the battery :(

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161 and 163 errors usually indicate CMOS checksum error and the clock is not set. The only way to fix this is to get the reference diskette and set the time and date.
Also, that specific model of PS/2 (the 25 series) is known as the "EduQuest" because schools used to buy them by the dozen.

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