tru64 installation wm

risking you might find me odd but is there a way to use the "desktop" used for the installation later with the real thing?
it reminds me of ultrix, just nicer. that ruby bg color and the golden wristwatch icon sort of got me :P
As far as I remember, the window manager of the installer is just TWM.
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mhm, maybe i can extract the parts from the cd and hack something together :D
If it is twm, it should be pretty basic in terms of what it would require to build from source. You should be able to grab it from a plain X11R[4-6] distribution - check a local site ( US mirror , EU mirror )...

* You may have to reconstitute a split tape archive, depending on release number
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after quite some searching i found it and modified it a bit. stop xlogin and run this. you also need to copy 2 files from the inst cd: Xdefaults and mwmrc. both located in /isl. easiest way is to create a local /isl and put the files in there. otherwise edit the script accordingly.