alpha 164lx double error halt

figured i could fire up my alpha again after quite a while but it wouldn't behave :P
at first it seems to work all fine. srm comes up, devices show as supposed to and i can boot from either cd or my old inst from disk. however unfortunately it never gets past a certain point, no matter whether i boot the installer cd or my old inst from disk. in any case it stops like this:

Code: Select all

using 922 buffers containing ...


halted cpu 0

halt code = 6
double error halt
pc = 1379c
warning -- hwrpb is invalid

and that's it. when booting from cd it reboots after that and booting from disk just goes back to the srm prompt. searches on the net were not very helpful and neither is that error message.
i was a bit surprised because while i'm in srm everything is fine and booting up to that error is fine, too. so i'd guess cpu, ram and the scsi stuff are at least not too broken to get to that stage. i also tried the usual srm stuff like setting os_type to vms or unix, booting with flag 0 and so on. no joy either.
also worth mentioning the same happens no matter whether i boot tru64 or vms so i fear it's something more serious :-|
Dit it ever work with this specific hardware configuration, or is this a "new" HDD?

EDIT: nevermind, "old inst from disk" kind of answers that. Odd. Looks serious, too. :(
while (!asleep()) sheep++;
yeah the system is the same as before. it was running exactly like that for several years so the stuff definitely works together.
anyway if i remember right that's the point where the os actually takes over so i'd guess cpu or ram since cd and hdd both have exactly the same problem. i remember dealing with an alpha with cpu errors once but these errors were different and random which leaves the ram. would make sense because before the "crash point" ram is hardly used and it happens right after the alloc message.
scsi and ide can also be ruled out (unless the system board is junk) because both had this exact problem and it's not likely that all scsi and ide parts are broken at the same time :P

will see if i have some sdrams left somewhere ...
I'm guessing RAM also, actually. Cache is possible as well, which would be much harder to fix :(
smit happens.

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indeed that'd be the worse case but i'm optimistic because i dealt with broken alpha caches before and the problems caused by that were quite different
One thing definitely worth checking is your PSU. Can you try to temporarily use a different power supply (preferrably a reliable model matching its specs, not some $20 cheapo bag of components put together without any proper filter) and see if it makes your machine any happier?
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we were all wrong :P
it was the scsi controller. strange tho because a linux test installation was no problem but the native systems wouldn't initialize. no problem tho because tru64 accepted an ide disk for which i had no use anymore anyway so it even was for a good cause. yes yes i know ide sucks but in this case it's good enough :P

btw i was looking for some basic freeware such as wget, tcsh and such ... just the basic stuff but except for thewrittenword i didn't find anything. maybe i should provide some packages here for tru64 if there's some interest ...