HP 200LX

Any one on here remembers that little machine, or peruses it still today? For me, the most fascinating feature is that you can run DOS 5.0 applications on it. I have TI Scheme, IBM APL2, Nial, Epsilon and Otter, among others on it. Of course, it's not a speed demon - but for smaller applications, it performs quite nicely on the road...A lot of fun!
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I have one, I like it a lot.
I have 3 of them (two in working condition, one is evem upgraded - a double speed mod and 8MB RAM)! :-) And I still use one of them (less or more) on daily basis...
I always thought a 100 or 200LX would be nice to have. I did use a Poqet PC for several years before I got my Palm Pilot 5000. Various DOS apps, MicroEmacs, MS-Kermit, and a fair bit of time on the subway using VR (Vertical Reader) to read public domain texts from Project Gutenberg. All of which would've worked fine on the smaller/faster 200LX. I will say, the larger keyboard of the Poqet did come in handy in that when using it in the datacenter I was still able to type pretty quickly (so long as I could set it down on something).
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I used a 95LX pretty heavily until I got a Palm Pilot. Eventually I picked up the rest of the series, but the 95LX seemed to have the most legible, if limited, display.
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