DEC Prioris 5000 HX 590 non-DP


I have a 590 I recovered from an abandoned block of land a few years ago with a trolley from the shops (yeah really not kidding and getting stopped by the wallopers at 1am pushing a trolley 3kms from the nearest shops with a dead and super-rusty ancient computer the size of a bar fridge isn't sufficiently suspect, separate story. Anyway..moving right along). Sadly it's in not a great state. It's still missing the front drive door covers for the built-in BA350 sadly. When I got it it had a failed BIOS update and was bricked. I managed to coax it to boot (after tracking it down) a crisis repair floppy and got it going. It promptly went fut at the next bios update (correct one ..definitely!).

So, I replaced and manually flashed a prom for it. Hurrah. NetBSD, ended up using the thing pretty heavily as a daily driver with C/C++, CLiSP, GST, etc .. some actual work, scripting.. general what not. Oddly, I really enjoy using the thing.

Right. Yay. So. There's this model the 880WW and the 881WW which are the same machine, but one is SMP capable and shipped from DEC as such and one that isn't. I have the povo "isnt" edition. The CPU+RAM carrier board appears to be capable of DP .. it has two sockets and the full compliment of RAM sockets. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a HX590 and turn it into a HX590DP ? Coz.. that'd be rather nice as my oldest current x86 SMP box is a Fujitsu/Amdahl TeamServer 700i (6-way PPRO).

Ideas? Thoughts? (be nice) Sources of spares?

It's still running and doing double-duty as both a daily driver and lounge room TV stand (note to house-proud Gf: DEC's can be useful furniture!) I oddly love it.

Also.. I think the alpha 2100's were in a similar (very?) case. Anyone have a line on the front BA350 door cover?


Al Boyanich
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