Solaris Studio 12.5 anti-spy

unfortunately oracle jumped on the "we don't give a crap about our user's privacy" bandwagon. the Solaris Studio 12.5 docs say:
The Usage Data to Oracle feature periodically sends information on your usage of Oracle Solaris Studio components to Oracle Corporation. This information is used by Oracle Corporation to improve future Oracle Solaris Studio software releases. This information is anonymous and cannot be associated to any individual or organization.

However, if you wish to disable Usage Data to Oracle, set the SUNW_NO_UPDATE_NOTIFY environment variable to any value other than zero (0). ... #scrolltoc

obviously the last sentence is what matters so make sure you have that set.
Since I never use my Sun to access the outside world I have my firewall set to drop every packet that it emits that wants to cross the boundary, same for both my SGI's...
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