Sun Cobalt Qube 3


two years ago I bought a qube3 and now want to install an original operating system qube3 .
Looking for information Qube 3 model only find this information ...

"QUBE 3 DEV - USA" and this code "600-7877-81".

What kind of qube3 bought ?

960-QUB30101AJ Qube 3 Standard Japanese
960-QUB30101BU Qube 3 Standard English
960-QUB30102AJ Qube 3 Business Japanese
960-QUB30102BU Qube 3 Business English
960-QUB30103AJ Qube 3 Professional Japanese
960-QUB30103BU Qube 3 Professional English
960-QUB30101EU Qube 3 ML Standard (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30102EU Qube 3 ML Business (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30103EU Qube 3 ML Professional (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30101FU Qube 3 OS 6.4 Standard (Mendocino)
960-QUB30102FU Qube 3 OS 6.4 Business (Mendocino)
960-QUB30103FU Qube 3 OS 6.4 Professional (Mendocino)

At first launch from Cobalt Networks there were three hardware configuracions, one with 300MHz CPU and two with 450 MHz AMD:

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Q39 302 PAU - Qube 3 with 300MHz, 32MB SDRAM, 10.2GB HDD
Q39 6J4 T19U - Qube 3 (Business Edition) with 300MHz, 64MB SDRAM, 20.4GB HDD, SCSI interface and Web Caching
Q36 CH8 U20U - Qube 3 (Professional Edition) with 450MHz, 128MB SDRAM, 2x20.4GB HDD with RAID 1 mirroring, SCSI interface and Web Caching

Later, after the Sun adquisition, the 450 MHz AMD was the only option, diferencing models in RAM, external SCSI and the software payload:

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CBT-Q3STDMM - Standard Plus Edition 450 MHZ CPU, 64 MB of SDRAM, one 20 GB HDD.
CBT-Q3BUSMM - Business Plus Edition 450 MHZ CPU, 256 MB of SDRAM, one 40 GB HDD, Web Caching,IPSec VPN.
CBT-Q3PROMM - Professional Plus Edition 450 MHZ CPU, 512 MB of SDRAM, two 40 GB HDDs with RAID 1, Web Caching, IPSec VPN

And at the end there was a OS upgrade:

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CBT-Q30202UPGCD Upgrade CD-ROM to Sun Cobalt OS 6.4

You can install what cd version you want. Obviously the last version is the best but you can look for the Strongbolt 1 distribution with CentOS 4 and Bluquartz panel (and new ROM) to have the latest possible system. Not sure, but if I recall correctly you can install the RaQ4 OS directly and RaQ 550 OS if you upgrade the ROM. Forget Strongbolt 2.

I don't know anything the type you have but the differences with other Qube 3 of the same specs must be the software included. All the Cobalt servers included development tools but maybe your Qube lacks/has something.

Original datasheet:
Sun cobalt datasheet: