Photos of Sparcbook 64Mb ram modules

There is a 128Mb sparcbook 3gx on ebay at the moment (appears to be slightly damaged as the screen has veritical lines) BUT... it does have the extrememly rare 128Mb factory upgrade. This ram implements the 2 memory slots on the same simm that normal simms don't allow you to fill (really its a dimm slot comprised of a simm on each side of the board I believe.)

I spoked to the seller and was able to get him to most graciously post a few photos of the ram. that ram would be mind if he had wanted to part out :)


PS. Its still up on ebay till the 27th. But its in Russia!
Very cool, it looks like a little erector set! 8-)
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Onyx2 / Origin 2000 memory can the same kind of sandwich contruction, and ditto for Octane memory.
Now this is a deep dark secret, so everybody keep it quiet :)
It turns out that when reset, the WD33C93 defaults to a SCSI ID of 0, and it was simpler to leave it that way... -- Dave Olson, in comp.sys.sgi

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