SparcStation 20 wont boot?

Hello everyone! I have an Sun SparcStation 20 (SuperSparc-II). It decides to not boot up, what so ever. This thing has been giving me trouble for the past two years... such as throwing FIFO errors when I try to load the X window system, then it magicly made the whole drive read-only in the fstab file, then it's doing this. It says...

ok boot
Boot device: /iommu/sbus/[email protected], 400000/[email protected], 800000/[email protected],0  File and args:
Level 15 Interrupt

this is getting really annoying... if you get my drift. I supplied some pictures... like the error I am getting and showing that the workstation is on (and in wonderful condition :P )


:Indy: --> R5000 <-- :O2:
After some reading, it looks like its memory related. Recommendation? Pull different sticks and keep trying until you find the bad one.

Heh. It worked. Now it says "Watchdog Reset", then the graphic at the top left gets all decolored.

:Indy: --> R5000 <-- :O2: