Sun-4 SunOS 4 freeware repositories

Anyone seen any? Nice OS, pretty well known, but little prebuilt software. I guess I can start by building GCC 2.7 with the cc and go on from there, but prebuilt binaries can be so much easier.

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Try ask on comp.unix.solaris


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Well, I've gcc 3.2.3 on my 3/60 and it came prebuilt, though I can't recall where did it come from.
It turned out that it's pretty straightforward to build recent software with it, at least compared, say, to much newer HP-UX ;)

I also have a small but valueable collection of gnu utils, perl, sudo, pdksh, openssh, even clisp, and probable more, prebuilt or built locally by me.
I guess it's worth to consider to gather a repository as Sun-3 software collection sites tend to die out.

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Ryan Fox wrote:

Works great if you're on Solaris 8 or above. Not so good for early Solaris 2 users, and hopeless for SunOS 4.1 users. SunOS 4.1 and earlier are very different from Solaris 2, being BSD based rather than Vr4.

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