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Make anamorphic 16:9 material playable on the O2


I'm fumbling around with this for days now but I don't get anything usable...
I've some anamorphic MPEG2 PAL videos here (SAR 4:3, 720x576; DAR 16:9, mplayer says 1048x576)
which I like to convert to 4:3 letterboxed in either DV or MJPEG or PhotoJPEG to play it on "video
out" of the O2. The least would be best since it can be played with dmplay from the CLI
(I usually don't have a graphics head on the machine).

The conversion to DV worked perfectly with ffmpeg but I just get something squeezed in ugly

Maybe there is somebody which is more fluent with ffmpeg/mencoder/transcode than I am..?

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Played around with ffmpeg a lot the last days and got something
that basically works. I used neko_ffmpeg-SVN-r6775 on my O2k
for this:

ffmpeg -y -threads 4 -i somefile.mpg -target pal-dv -s 720x576 -aspect 4:3 outfile.dv -padtop 86 -padbottom 86

Input file has a 1024x576 DAR.

It produced a file that plays perfectly via the Video Out on my O2. Seems that hardware decompression is used
during playback.
The quality of the DV file is not optimal, it's rather blocky. I'm about to do some tuning to achieve better results.
A shell script to automate things is also about to be written...

Next step is to produce a file with Quicktime Container and PhotoJPEG compression which can be played back
via dmplay.

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