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IFF: Recovering old frames from newly created framestore?


have a problem, recently i switched the arrays that I used for framestore. We do not have FC router/switch neither the switchable storage so we do it just by pulling of the fiber cables. My problem is that after connecting back the old array I could not have it mounted and I recreated the framestore using sw_config by applying the same disk pattern that we used originally for this array. My mistake was that instead of using KEEP option we used CREATE option, so the original config data for the array is lost (probably) and it is seen in Inferno as empty one. Is there any way of recovering the frames that actualy still sits there?

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Hi Pawel,

I'll describe what I have done and then you can judge if it applies to your occasion.

I had Flame 9.0 installation and at some point I decided to do a new Irix + flame installation actually it was Flame 9.5.
Then I used sw_config to create the framestore with the same disk layout. Off course when running initially flame I had no frames, but using the restore missed frames from Import Clips it recovered most of my frames.

I hope this will help.



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