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Recording lengths with Octane Compression...

Sigh...I'm sure you guys are sick of my stupid Octane Compression questions! :) But here's another one...

I've been successfully capturing 5-10 minute clips without trouble, but last night I tried to record a much longer clip, and without fail it'll get about 15-20 minutes through, and then start dropping every frame from then on. This will happen regardless of the bit rate - I've tried 30Mbit/sec down to 10Mbit/sec, and it always seems to get about 25-35,000 frames through (with no dropped frames) - then drop every single one until I stop dmrecord with a control-c.

I've looked at what's going on with the system once it begins dropping frames, and I can't see anything amiss. The processors are still 98% or so free, plenty of available memory, with no unusual processes happening in the background. I have two 73GB 10K hard drives installed, and it does this when recording to either. The dmrecord syntax I'm using is

dmrecord -p video,device=impact,comp=jpeg,engine=impact,brate=30000000 -p audio

Any ideas?

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How is your cabling? I was having similar issues recording from my cable box until I finally bought some new a/v cables, and now all is well.


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