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Beta test: neko_gcc47-4.7.1.tardist (COMPLETED)

I've finally found the time to finish the gcc testsuite and uploaded neko_gcc47-4.7.1.tardist into /incoming on the Nekochan FTP server. File size is 97157120 bytes, MD5 checksum is f85d52fbc9eae1fe0be016f28faa55a1.

When it becomes available in the beta directory, please take a look at it, as it is my first Nekoware package :)
If anything looks weird, please comment so that any future packages I submit can be better.
I have not tested it in depth. But no issues with the installation, and it compiles my basic .c files w/o issue.

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jirka wrote:
Many thanks for this gcc! Just ried to compile and run my finite element analysis code. There is a noticeable speedup (several percent) which is great! (O2 R10k/250)

You're welcome!

I've noticed speedups on some of my numerical code as well (up to 40% :!: against MIPSpro), but I wanted to tweak the MIPSpro optimizations (to give it a better chance) before reporting anything :)

It really shows that they added proper schedulers for R10k and newer CPUs (if you haven't tried it yet, add "-march=r10k" to the compile options), and the additional optimizations enabled by the PPL/CLooG libraries help a lot too (try adding "-ftree-vectorize -ftree-loop-linear -ftree-loop-im -fivopts" to test these).

jpstewart wrote:
ShadeOfBlue wrote:
It's possible that pthread_barrierattr_t didn't exist on 6.5.22.

It's definitely not in any of the headers I can find on 6.5.22. According to an old thread , it was added for 6.5.23.

I remember seeing a patch for this on Supportfolio ... If it's freely available, you can try installing it and the error should go away.

However, there might be more header changes, so it's probably better to figure out how to run the fix-includes script on an existing installation.
Thanks Shade. Update to .30. No more issues.

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