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Beta test: neko_python-2.7.3 (COMPLETED)

I've just uploaded neko_python-2.7.3 to /incoming. It replaces the "old" python 2.5 and adds "proper" dependencies for the modules. If you just "inst upgrades", you'll probably lose all dynamic modules, "inst default" should fix this.

I've also added File Type Rules for .py files - this may or may not interfere with any attempts to start python scripts by double-clicking on the desktop. This definitively needs testing.

If there's anything out there that depends on python 2.5, that may have to be upgraded as well.
Thanks for your work. I installed the package in several ways including "inst default" and it looks like I always lost my dynamic modules:
> youtube-dl -h
ImportError: No module named site
Do you have any hint how I can fix it?

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The fix is to also install the eoe.lib subsystem, which I neglected to include in the previous version of the package. A new and significantly larger package is in /incoming. There's also a new neko_youtube package and a neko_fetchmail package (to get rid of old python2.4 cruft).

My updated python 2.7.3 package is now at ... .3.tardist
Thanks again for building a python 2.7 package. So far I could not find a problem. First vote for current.

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