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Building a statically-linked binary with MIPSPro

I the process of trying to build a statically-linked version of bash today on IRIX 6.5.30, I discovered that I can't seem to find dev.sw.nonshared_lib mentioned here: ... lnotes/dev

dev.sw.irix_speclibs     NonShared Libraries for Benchmarks
dev.sw.nonshared_lib     NonShared N32 Libraries
dev.sw64.nonshared_lib     NonShared N64 Libraries

I don't have the error message in front of me at the moment, but c99 complained about not finding /usr/lib32/nonshared/crt1.o when using the -non_shared option -- which I understand is the equivalent of gcc's -static?

I have several different versions of the devlibs CDs and none of them have any references to /usr/ib*/nonshared/*, which is supposedly where the non-pic versions of crt1.o, etc. are supposed to be for linking statically. I've also looked on the MIPSPro, devfound, and individual compiler CDs -- nada.

Am I missing something? Has anyone tried linking something statically on 6.5?

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Hmm, no replies. I guess I'll try "gcc -static" instead of using MIPSPro for compiling and linking statically.

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