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Breaking root password

After long period I have booted my o2 - it take a while becouse of reseating procedure.
Then system nicely boots up in ordinary user account. But in five minutes I realized that I
don't know root passwd anymore.

Is there some kind of easy hack/ exploit for irix 6.5.22 to obtain root again?

In normal enviroment I would pull out disk insert it to another machine and change passwd with something known.
But I don't have any other system capable of reading SCSI disks. :(

At least I had rw-r--r-- permissions on /etc/passwd (probably caused by backup/ restore whole system several times) so I downloaded it to my PC and started to crunch it trough john.

Thanks for your help. Tomo

:O2: R7000/600 576MB Ram CDRW 18+9Gb HDD
If you have a boot CD, you can boot to installation. In the installation program you can start a shell in the admin menu. With the shell account you can modify the passwd of your system in /root/etc/passwd.

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