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Visual Workstation 540 Real-Time Clock Failed

Hi guys...
today I was powering on my SGI VW540, it was off for about a year or so and was working before... but it shows me just this blue maintenance terminal rolling up some tests in a loop... I don't know how to stop, so I took a pic of it... it's passing everything without the Real-Time Clock it says:

Real-Time Clock   -- FAILED : error code 0x00000100   Date is out of valid range

Results Summary: 12 passed, 1 failed.

anybody knows how to fix it ?
Replace the battery ?


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ok, will try... is there no way to skip this clock failed to get the box booted ?
I tired to replace the small round 3V Battery but its the same again, the the error still appears, also the test is running in loop, workstation don't boot.. ? any ideas...
Is there a major reset for that ?
You need to interrupt it during boot, and set a valid time. See the thread: