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Maya - Irix - compability with newer versions!

Tip for all Maya users!
You might already know this, but
On irix the latest version was 6.5 or something i guess, wich means compabillity issues with opening files made by a newer version.
BUT if youre working with .ma files, you can edit the file in notepad or whatever removing the line "requires maya "2012";
(its at the top) voila, will open in 6.0 for irix eventhough it was made in 2012.

Ofcourse some stuff in the scene wont work at all, but stuff! :)
For reference if you're going the other way (ie from 2012 to 6.5), you'll need to remove these lines from your .ma file:
    .setAttr ".unw" 1
    setAttr ".g*

And then replace the "requires maya xxxx" line with "requires maya 6.5"

I haven't noticed any other problems using my PC to create scenes in 2012 and then having my O300s render them.

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