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Anyone seen this icon ?

Was watching an old desktop video presentation, saw this icon which I haven't noticed in 6.5. Anyone know where it lives, if it exists in 6.5 or if not, can someone snag it ? Could be a handy icon ...
I'm sure I saw it hanging around in a 4.0.5 install on my 4D/20. Too bad the box is in storage so I can't confirm.

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That's a 4Sight machine there - 4D1-3.3.x. My /25 is at my parents' so I can't confirm exactly where it comes from

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Hi Hamei.
There is a ton of unused FTIs (icons) in every IRIX version, chances are, there is a similar icon in your 6.5 IRIX
If you want to check them out you can run a small script of mine.
They can then be watched in the File Manger by going to the folder /usr/nekoware/include/seticons.

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#Generate a list of fti icon files in the local filesystem
find / -local -name "*.fti" -print >> $HOME/allicons.txt

mkdir /usr/nekoware/include/seticons
#Generate softlinks files to all icons in a folder
while read ICON
ICONNAME=`basename "$ICON"`
ln -s $ICON /usr/nekoware/include/seticons/$ICONNAME.seticon
echo "TYPE $ICONNAME.seticon">> $TYPEFILE
echo "MATCH glob(\"$ICONNAME.seticon\");">> $TYPEFILE
echo "ICON {">> $TYPEFILE
echo " include (\"$ICON\");">> $TYPEFILE
echo "}">> $TYPEFILE
echo " ">> $TYPEFILE
done < $HOME/allicons.txt
rm $HOME/allicons.txt

cd /usr/lib/filetype

Edit: If you have Jaleo installed you might find some unexpected stuff :)

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Found it ! In 6.5 it's in /usr/bin, attached to apropos, man, whatis ...

Now to figure out how to misappropriate it ....